Mountain – discover shattered pictures of wondering and searching for a hand after a fall in full speed. Coldness and white/black colours around.  Acceptance brings a saddening force.

Perfect symbiosis? The endless dilemma of being alone against being together. How deep would we go? How far out would we stretch and risk ourselves for the togetherness?


The more you trust, the more you allow yourself to drop layers and reveal the egocentric self while you observe and examine your partner….

A mixture of empathy, fondness, pain and agony demand a brave decision and sacrifice.

Sacrifice requires courage and imagination:

“You have to be responsible for your imagination.”-
Haruki Murakami



– Sardinien, Festival Cortoindanza, Juni 2020
– Sardinien, Festival Cortoindanza, Juni 2019
– Mannheim, Freier Tanz im Delta, Theater Felina-Areal, Mai 2019
– Karlsruhe, Lange Nacht der kurzen Stücke, November 2018
– Chemnitz, Internationales Festival für zeitgen.Tanz
– Berlin, Marameo, 16. October 2015
– Dresden, Germany. TANZWOCHE April 2015
– Greifswald, Germany. TANZTENENZEN October 2012
– Szczecin, Poland. NIEWAZKOSCI March 2012
– Jerusalem, Israel. Karnaf Theater – December 2011
– Tel Aviv, Israel. Susan Dall/Inbal theater -Dec 2011
– Ludwigshafen, Germany- “No Ballet”: 6. Int.Choreographie-Wettbewerb Ludwigshafen. November 2011
– Zurich, Switzerland Thanzhaus , May 2011
– Reutlingen, Germany, Internationales Tanztheater. February 2011
– Winterthur, Switzerland, 18. Tanzzeitfestival Winterthur. November 2010
– Essen, Germany. Dance festival “638 Kilo” Nov 2010
– Berlin, Nah dran XXII, Studio ADA. Sept 2010
– Burgos, Spain, Burgos – NY Competition. July 2010
– Torino, Italy. Festival Interplay. May 2010
– Hannover, Germany. 24th Intern. Competition for Choreographers April 2010
– Copenhagen, Denmark. Cross Connection Ballet 3rd Intern.ationalChoreography Competition April 2010
– Berlin: Festival Lucky Trimmer. February 2010  Brussels, Belgium. Residency

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