Respect – October 2021

Dance theatre by Yaron Shamir Projects at the Theater Reutlingen “Die Tonne”

OPENING – 21ST October

coming shows: 23rd / 24th / 28th / 30th October

A snappy humorous collage in seven pictures UA

In cooperation with the association Reutlinger Theater in der Tonne e.V., the Technical Operations Services Reutlingen and the White Ring e.V.

A bus stop. Transit point where a wide variety of people meet for a short or long time. A place of encounters and disputes. Selected authors from different divisions let several short stories run out in this commissioned work and tell from seven different perspectives with a lot of music about respect – for others, for themselves, but also about the change in society and the opposite of respect.

Can private life be freely determined according to your own standards? What challenges are we facing in professional life today? Where does discrimination begin? What does the world look like from the perspective of an excluded person? Do consideration and sympathy still have room in our society? How do you find the right words to get closer?

In the sometimes absurd and (mis)funny dialogues and black humorous short scenes, characters bounce off with fixed opinions, pull uninvolved people into their dispute, superfluous and avoidable misunderstandings arise and lead to rants of disrespect, drawer thinking in its purest form exposes itself and sometimes – surprisingly – leads to new insights.

Authors Karin Eppler,Barbara Herold,Thomas B. HoffmannMichael SchneiderMarion Schneider-Bast, Yaron Shamir/David Liske and Helge Thun

Director Enrico Urbanek /

Musical Director Michael Schneider /

Choreographer Yaron Shamir Tex:t Yaron Shamir Part: David Liske

Stage & Costumes Sibylle Schulze

photos: Beate Armbruster

Dramaturgy Sandra Omlor

Tailoring Kathrin Röhm

Technology · Workshops · Inspection Lukas Armbruster,Boris Gonzalez,Christoph Henning,Aurel Walker

With Bahattin Güngör/Haydar Baydur,Thomas B. Hoffmann,David Liske,Santiago Österle/Seyyah Inal,Antje Rapp,Michael Schneider,Chrysi Taoussanis,Daniel Tille,Svenja Marija Topler

Band Thomas B. Hoffmann (vocals, guitar, kazoo), David Liske (vocals, keys, accordion, kazoo), Michael Schneider (vocals, various violins, viola, banjo), Chrysi Taoussanis (vocals, double bass, Kazoo), Daniel Tille (vocals, guitar, kazoo), Svenja Marija Topler (vocals, flute, percussion, kazoo)

Premiere on the 21st October 2021, Tonne1